Allied Communications Digital Downloads

The 2019 State of Disruption Report

This report outlines all of the trends that are impacting the communications world in 2019.  Systems, software and collaboration tools are reviewed in this guide to help you make sense of today’s communications requirements. Learn More

The Hosted VoIP Buyer’s Guide

This Buyer’s Guide, brought to you by Jive Communications, takes your through the buyers journey for hosted voice platforms.  It helps you understand things yuor business should consider before moving to a hosted solution.

15 Steps to Score That “Yes”

At some point you will need to approach your boss with a pitch for something you need.  It may be a bigger budget, or introducing a new idea, or a new hire.  Whatever you need to pitch this guide will help you get heard and get the yes to your request. Learn More

The 10 Most Common Call Center Problems

In this guide Jive Communications  reviews 10 of the most encountered call center issues facing business today.  This eBook outlines these issues and then breaks down two to three easy solutions that you can implement to overcome those obstacles. Learn More

The Bible of Business Communications

There is an etiquette to business communications, but with over 70% of employees not feeling engaged in their careers it is often communication that can suffer.  This guide focuses on four key communication areas email, video conferencing, conference calls, and business chat and helps you be the best you can be in each platform.

Whitepaper: Why SD-WAN Alone is not enough

 For businesses to excel and recognize the full potential of SD-WAN you need a solution that understands the needs supporting application performance.

In this whitepaper you will learn how Cloudgenix and its SD-WAN offering goes beyond other options. Its secure application fabric recognizes leading cloud vendors like Amazon and Microsoft

Understand how managing application sessions delivers highly available, scalable, high performiing WAN services.

34 Great Free (or Nearly Free) Collaboaration Tools

Free (or nearly free) tools to amp up productivity and help you stay close to your team during this time of global crisis.