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The Modern Contact Center Goes Beyond the Call

There was a time when the call center consisted of inbound and outbound call agents serving clients on a single channel.  Those days are over, today’s digital client wants to meet where they are comfortable conversing.  That may be phone, email, chat, or social media.  No matter where your client wants to communicate the Allied Communication Contact Center solutions speak digital and can allow agents to leverage 30 digital channels from a single inbox.


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Cloud Based Options

Cloud delivered options provide companies the ability to scale based on their call center agent need.  Utility based delivery gives businesses offer unprecedented agility and cost benefit.

Compliance & Security

Regulatory compliant architecture providing 99.99% uptime and highly available services.  Iron clad security in both on-premise and cloud contact center environments.

Omni-Channel Interactions

Contact centers can be included to support Voice/Text/SMS, chat, and Social with analytics and advanced reporting.

Bringing you the Features that you Need!

Drive Customer Loyalty

  • Making contact easy through a variety of channels giving our clients options for interacting with your company.
  • Seamless integration of all digital conversations in a single inbox allows agents to be familiar with the client no matter which channel the client uses for contact.
  • Omnichannel interaction via voice, chat, messaging, and email available in our Contact Center solutions.
  • Advanced IVR, skills-based call routing, and real-time analytics
  • Integrate with the most popular CRM applications.

Personalized Customer Engagement


  • Get your calls in the right agents hands with skill based routing
  • Scale capacity to meet contact center volume spikes
  • Boost Productivity and First Call Resolution.
  • Expand your contact center to any location globally.


  • Track agents and performance through real-time reporting
  • Increase productivity with predictive dialer technology
  • Stay regulatory compliant with intelligent call supression.
  • Keep costs inline with revenue opportunity


  • Offer digital contact options including email, test, and social channels
  • Empower your agents to be able to support from any channel with context from previous interactions
  • Holistic Managment allows data from any channel to be easily analyzed and assessed

Delivering Best of Class Contact Center Solutions

Allied Communications can bring you the best in Contact Center Solution Providers.  Our vendor relationships allow us to create the right solution to meet your company’s individual needs.


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