Introducing InteGREAT

All the technology your small to midsize business will need to operate effiiciently, collaboratively, and securely with a predictable cost.

Business People

Collaborate with Ease

Enhance your internal commmunitication and collaborate securely with your customers, vendors, and suppliers.

InteGREAT includes Office 365 providing your teams with Exchange email, Teams Collaboration, and SharePoint file management in one spot.

Enriched with application integrations into the other applications you use InteGREAT helps you automate workflows, communicate efficiently and stay in touch with your clients.

A Team that Supports You

InteGREAT includes a service package to meet the unique demands of your business.   We include 24 x 7 x 365 fault and performance monitoring to stay ahead of technology problems and remediate quickly.

Have an issue?  Our team stands by to help you in real-time.  Our technicians can help your end users solve most problems on the first call.


Staff Working

Securing what Matters Most

Cyberthreats are hitting businesses both big and small.  Ransom’s can be in the thousands and go as high as millions.  Are you doing all you can do to mitigate the risk of a breach event?

InteGREAT includes security tools that will protect your endpoints and reduce the risk of cyberthreats.  The service can be expanded and tailored to meet the needs of any business by adding awareness training and security operations center (SOC) services.


Our Partnerships