The benefits of leveraging cloud computing are many, but why are 90% of customers resistant?  Common fears include worry of losing control of the systems and your data, especially in the public cloud. For others it can be the perceived concerns around security especially when sensitive data will be hosted offsite.
Think of considering moving to the cloud as a destination and we can be your Sherpa. We help you navigate through any confusion you may have about migrating your services and security issues.

Our team works with you, so you can see the benefits that cloud computing brings to businesses like yours. We show you the strategies that can help you as you begin your migration journey.

Some key benefits of using the cloud include:

Reduce your Capital Expenses

Cloud based applications and infrastructure allow consumers and businesses to use apps without restriction. These services allow you to access your files anywhere, anytime. Small Businesses and Enterprises save on capital expense by leveraging cloud resources and the pay for what you use services.

You can also scale up or down seamlessly depending on your business environment on demand. No longer do you have the need to purchase large hardware systems. This also means no more system migrations. Once you are on a hosted platform most upgrades are done behind the scenes reducing the refresh costs for years to come.
The cloud delivers an operational spending model where you pay monthly for the services you consume. Scale your subscriptions to adapt with the changes within your business.

Another cost benefit of cloud system is the reduction in heavy power consuming assets like servers reducing utility costs for power and cooling, putting some green in your pocket while helping us move to a greener planet.

Easy to maintain

No need to hire a tech support team to fix server issues etc saving you time and money.  The provider handles those tasks on your behalf.   PC’s need less horsepower than previous generations as less computing is done on the machine. You can access critical applications via a browser on your PC’s, Tablets, and Smartphones.
The flexibility of these systems gives the consumer and/or employee access without the need for a virtual private network (VPN). Users can access their services when off-site, in the office or at home- virtually anywhere.

Improves your IT security

Studies have shown that on-premises environment users suffered more attacks than their counterparts. The truth is the big Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers have the ability to spend more on data security than the average company. A big benefit to system users and brings the entire company peace of mind as well.
In using the cloud, companies actually reduce the risk of data loss. This is because of the redundancy and fault tolerance designed within those systems. These systems are supported and patched regularly, and the provider is often handling data backups, most in near real-time.


The cloud enables be more productive, gives your business agility, but most importantly can increase your bottom line. You have many choices when moving to the cloud and the benefits are many. Do not fear the cloud embrace it!