Emerging cyber threats are on the rise and the risk is no longer just for the large companies.  Bad actors are targeting organziations of all shapes and sizes, leave the door unlocked, they will get in.

Are you ready to stop them?

Managed Detection and Response


Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines best-in-class security technology with human analysis to deliver stonger threat detection, analytics, intelligence, and response.

Our 24/7 SOC is on high alert for suspicious activity and when a threat is detected, our team jumps to action.  We isolate the threat, mitigate the risk and remediate any impact.

Enterprise defense for businesses at a Main Street price.


Vulnerability Management


Immediately after adding an asset to your Customer Footprint, we will start scanning it using multiple techniques and scan engineers. After port scanning the open ports will be scanned for running apps and the specific exploit payloads will be run against the specific service. This includes OS detections, Service Detection, SSL checks, authentication checks, CVE exploitation, CCE discovery, etc. Once new apps are identified they will be added to your CF. Internal Scanners (VM/Docker Appliance) or Dedicated Software Agents (Installed on the machine or inside an AD) can be deployed to gain more visibility into internal assets.


Firewall Management