Expanding Communication Options


Helping Non-Profit Facilities control their costs, collaborate more effectively, and improve the reliability of their communications systems.

Cost Containment

Keeping capital and operational costs to a minimum alllowing for savings reinvestment into the services they provide their community.

Strategic Planning

Let our consultants help you create a technology plan that will meet the needs of today and plan for tomorrow.


We help non-profits meet compliance requirements, like HIPAA, and maintain the privacy of their clients.

Saying goodbye to common communication problems

Communication is the backbone of the

Non-profit communication is critical.  Collaboration is essential to the success of their program and the clients they serve.

Everyday tasks include scheduling, fund raising, project management, case management, and back office tasks. A proper communication system can simplify the process and improve workflow…ultimately lowering operational costs in the process.

Allied Communications understands the unique needs of Non-profits and can help you implement a feature-rich communication system to support voice, video, chat, and data needs at a price that doesn’t break even the tightest budgets.


What we Do

Cost Effective Communications

Our team can work with you to deliver cost-effective communications that will meet the needs of your staff and prepare you for the next generation of collaboration services.

We understand the challenges non-profits face. Tight budgets, the need for privacy and client confidentiality, and a rotating workforce.  It can be difficult just to keep up with the day to day.

We help non-profits optimize and consolidate their existing telecommunication services and help deliver systems that can scale up or down based on funding and staff count.

We ensure all compliance requirements are met for both voice and data services and can actively monitor your environment for performance or security threats.

Our team will provide you with a strategic communication plan that will meet the needs of your organization and will include solutions to meet most any budget, staffing mix, or collaboration requirement.

Healthcare Approved

Leading Vendors Trusted By Non-Profit Organizations Around the Country.

Allied Communications delivers Non-Profit organizations a full portfolio of telecommunication vendors to meet every need. Services include UCaaS, On-premise Business Communication Systems, Call Center, and Carrier Services.

Our team becomes your quarterback helping you design, implement, and support your services without additional staffing.



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