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Allied is Providing Free Video Conferencing for the small business community…no strings attached until the start of 2021!  Through our partnership with Intermedia we are able to offer no cost web and video conferencing for our community during these difficult times.

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What does it include?

HD Video for up to 12 people

Schedule one on one videos or group meetings for up to 12 people.  HD Video and Screen Sharing are included with the service.

Web conferences for up to 30

Our “new normal” which includes a distributed workforce can be challenging.  Hold key staffing meetings, departmental calls, and even company Town Hall Meetings easily.

Record and Archive

Record individual calls or meetings.  Both video and voice calls can be recorded for archive or on-demand playback.  Embed video meetings on Intranets and Websites.

Easy Business Conferencing

With Intermedia web conferencing you can bring your staff closer to you and share enriched meeting expereinces even when you can’t be in the same room.  

Multimedia features allow teams to communicate and collaborate with ease and tools to get the point across to their team.

HD Voice, Video, Web, and Chat

Meeting Recordings

Virtual Assistant

Meeting Transcripts

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Chat and Virtual Assistant

Artificial Intelligence (AI) adds an assistant to every call!

Chat can allow sidebar conversations to occur and questions to be asked without disrupting the presenter’s meeting flow.  

A virtual assistant listens for basic commands and builds meeting notes to support your call and capture’s action items to be shared at the completion of the meeting.  Leveraging AI simple commands like “schedule”, “action item”, and “note” will drive action to the note pad.  It’s like having a transcription pro along for the call

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The Benefits of a Conference Solution

Easy to Use

No need for on-boarding or training.  We can get you set up quickly and easily.

Great Value

All the features you need, free until 2021 and then will be available for a fraction of the cost of the competitors.

Improve Productivity

Tools like screen sharing, meeting transcription, and virtual assistant put amazing meeting power in your staff’s hands.

Anywhere, Anytime

Arm your remote staff with the tools they need to meet no matter where they are during this crisis.

Great Features Included

Allied Video Conferencing Includes

  • 1 Pro Webinar license per organization
  • Hold HD Video meetings with up to 12 participants
  • Web Conferences can include up to 30 Web Participants
  • Meetings can accommodate 200 audio participants
  • Meeting Lock
  • Custom Meeting URL
  • Recurring and On-Demand Meetings
  • Integrations with popular apps like Slack and Google
  • Meeting Chat and Virtual Assistant
  • Meeting Record
  • End to End Encryption and HIPAA Compliant


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