Is it worth the headache to change my voice provider? After all I am not saving much money. Sound familiar? It might, there are many VoIP providers asking you to switch to them and save money. But should the goal be cost savings?

Historically, people have bought dial tone service from one provider. Long-distance service from another provider. Their PBX from yet another service and last the internet from someone else, Today, providers are trying to bundle these services together and sell you that they are the cheapest product. After all that has the way, telecom service has been sold for the last 30 years. “I can give you a cheaper phone bill”. The problem is that not all providers are the same or offer the same service. It has become a scenario of buyer beware.

While I will admit that cost is and should be a factor, the customer should be aware of how each provider works behind the scenes. What services are they cutting in order to give you the cheapest phone bill? Is their support fully staffed? Will they support your local area network? Will they train new employees? Will they help run down issues not in their control or leave you the headache to do that?

I understand the cost will be a factor, but an age-old adage comes to mind “penny wise dollar foolish”. What is the cost to your company when issues do crop up? Will it be worth the savings? Those are decisions you must face. The savings being offered might not offset the downtime or wasted time you may experience if you buy solely based on price. 

Remember that today it is not just dial tone you are buying. You need to make sure you have someone that can support you from that handset in your hand up to when the call is handed off to whoever you are calling. You want to make sure you have the tools to improve the way your people can work. That may be a topic for another blog

When someone calls and tells you, “I can save money on your phone bill” I suggest that the service they are offering is antiquated as that pitch. A business needs a company that will stand behind the product and offers the extra services that go with it.

You the consumer need to educate and understand really what is the service that is behind the service that is where the differences emerge. 

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