Why choose a Virtual PBX by Allied Communications?

The answer is simple, to leverage technology to both improve business processes and save money.

Once upon a time…

… there were PBX telephone systems. Companies purchased and maintained these private switches in order to have the functions of transferring calls between their employees, auto-attendant, and making phone calls.

PBX phone systems were expensive. Prior to the Internet existed companies had to pay for copper telephone lines and expensive circuits to get their PBX connected to the outside world. In addition to the expenses, PBX’s didn’t adapt to the changing needs of business very well. They were basic business communication systems.

Today there is a better way…

As Internet connections have become inexpensive, smart companies are choosing to purchase their voice communications as a service. By choosing a Hosted PBX service they are able to reduce expenses by eliminating those copper telephone lines and PBX maintenance costs, yet at the same time they are often presented with services that offer 24/7 support

The Virtual PBX system is delivered as a cloud-based system and the service provider delivers the switching as a service. The provider maintains the Virtual PBX delivering the latest cloud PBX features to the client.

The client enjoys increased productivity and lower monthly telecom bills. The Virtual PBX comes with a mobile smart phone APP that is great for mobility too. Clients can make calls from anywhere as though they were at their desk. It’s that simple.

What about Phones and Devices?

You can choose a desk phone, use your PC with a headset, and/or use your smart phone. There is complete flexibility and freedom of choice for users.

Moves, Adds and Changes made Easy!

A simple to use web portal that is so user friendly that a child could do it. Of course, we set up and train your staff but they become autonomous users in almost no time. We provide abundant training resources and concierge service support throughout your migration.

What about Scalability?

No matter where you choose to grow your business or a new location or staff to the system in a matter of minutes. And if you close a location, we can simply delete those users from your service reducing costs.

Is a Virtual PBX Reliable?

Great question. The Virtual PBX system is housed in secure data centers with built-in redundancy. If there is ever a temporary power or internet outage at the clients premise, they have the added benefit of the mobile smart phone APP so voice communications are not lost. If you can access an internet connection, you can access the system.

Give your business a competitive edge. Choose a Virtual PBX to Optimize, Maximize, and Save!

Your business is filled with challenges and you have staffed it with dynamic performers. Make sure they have the tools that they need to succeed.

With a Virtual PBX system, you can optimize your company’s business processes and maximize your employees’ productivity, while saving your company money – all of which improve your bottom line!

Additionally, choosing a Virtual PBX protects your investment as your equipment is fully covered by warranty, reduces support needs and will not become obsolete. Try to say that with   your current PBX system.