There is Only One Name you Need in Business Communications

Avaya, you probably heard of them, right? They’re a market leader in communications systems. Avaya has consistently maintained a strong reputation for its remarkable products and services.

In the Unified Communications (UC) market 95% of Fortune 500 companies are running on the Avaya platform. The Avaya brand is strong and recognizable across the globe. Their systems support small shops to enterprise call centers. The platform is geared to fit businesses of all sizes, no business is too big or too small to leverage the Avaya product suite.

Over 600,000 systems have been deployed, the IP Office serves as Avaya’s flagship SMB product. The IP Office is a hybrid communications solution that scales from 5 to 3000 extensions and up to 150 sites in a multi-site network with resiliency.

The system is multifaceted, it can support analog, digital and IP endpoints. Additionally, you can use a softphone option to originate and receive business calls via your cell phone when on the road/.

Whatever you want to throw at it the system can handle!

The IP Office delivers a number of system deployment models providing incredible flexibility for today’s companies. The system can be deployed in the cloud or as an on-premise system with the ability to migrate from one to the other.

This feature rich system can fill the needs of a small office providing basic communication services, or the medium enterprise with full contact center and unified communications applications. Pretty cool right?

I’m sure many of you are running an IP Office in your telecommunications closet. Most IP Office owners don’t even know its full suite of features, or even how long the system can serve you. Let me tell you, it will last a LONG time!

The investment in this system is never lost. There are 15 year old phones sitting on the latest revision of the system today and they’re still functioning as they did when they were first purchased. How about that for longevity?

Even if you have older hardware and you think its finally time to start shopping for a new system, DON’T, just keep up with the updates and version upgrades. Avaya licenses are perpetual nad the hardware is durable. It is likely your existing phones are still usable on today’s systems.

If you are thinking of making a phone system switch as a result of needing additional features like call reporting or mobile twinning,. GREAT, the Avaya IP Office can do it so don’t replace it.

Proven to deliver, proven to last!

I may be a little one sided but my statements are true. There aren’t many systems out there that still have even 10-year-old phones, and 10-year system hardware working today and aren’t costly to upgrade to the latest platform. The IP Office will outlast and cost less to maintain for years to come.

The system allows a small to mid-market company to enjoy many features once only available to the enterprise market. If you’re looking to roll out a call center with Skills based routing, web chat and queued call backs, they got it, mobile client for remote workers, done, full UC client with video, been there. All this on a simple to deploy and maintain platform. which is why the only name you need to know in telecommunications is Avaya.