There are so many great video and web collaboration applications on the market today.  Tools such as: Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, and Webex bring your meeting experience to life and save both time and travel costs. With just an internet connection, you can easily collaborate with chat, web and video.

These tools are great for video collaboration when you are using a desktop. The experience generally diminishes once brought into the conference room. The laptop experience usually cuts out people gathered around the conference table and Its narrow field camera limits what can be seen by all meeting participants. Furthermore, laptop speakers can provide a poor audio experience. As a result, many users need to add an external phone to support the conversation.


Introducing the Avaya IX CU360 Collaboration Unit

Allied Communications  Conference RoomAvaya has introduced a great, affordable option for conference room collaboration in the form of the Avaya IX Collaboration Unit CU360. The unit was designed, and purpose built to support small to mid-size collaboration spaces based on industry standards and an Android operating system. This allows you to use your existing standards-based video architecture or leverage the cloud for collaboration applications.

The Avaya IX CU360 is incredibly easy to set up. It is a standalone endpoint that does not require an additional PC or laptop unit to operate. Everything you need is already integrated in the device.  Video delivers personal connections for training, brainstorming and other critical meetings.


Packs a punch in a very small package

The Avaya IX CU360 packs a lot of power for less than $900 list price. The system includes full HD 1080p video, 4K display support, and a 4K camera sensor. The Avaya IX CU360 delivers an amazing meeting experience without a hefty price tag. It includes a wide field of view so your whole group can be seen on collaborators monitors. An integrated array of microphones allows for a crisp and clean audio experience.

The system also provides meeting recording, directory and address book services, without sacrificing performance or security. If you don’t want to save video recordings in the cloud, you can save to an external USB drive. Additionally, the system supports wi-fi and Bluetooth for easy installation and device additions like keyboards and remote controls.


Powered by Android

DroidInside the system is running Android under the hood. It includes a number of 3rd party applications. You can extend the capability of the system and add Teams, Webex, Zoom and GoToMeeting. In fact, you can add any 3rd party application to the system, so no limitations.

It also allows you to integrate touch capable monitors allowing you to control the system and applications with touch screen access. Present your applications directly from the desktop using the Avaya presentation app.

The Avaya IX CU360 is a great collaboration system for small to mid-sized businesses. Best of all it won’t break the bank. It’s an easy to use system that allows you to use the applications you love with no limits.